Eight ball slots is a simple and easy game available in mega888 download.  It is very interesting with colourful green background and very simple light music. It is one of the more popular casino game which is to easy to play and to win the money.


 The table contains three spinning reels displaying three symbols both horizontally and vertically. The 8 ball slots contains two different sets of balls one is solid balls and the second one is striped balls. Numbers 1-7 are called solid balls and 9-15 are called as striped balls. The table contains a single pay line horizontally in the middle. That means  it is the only line which player get rewarded when combinations are arranged. No other combinations vertically horizontally in the upper and lower rows are not counted for winning the bet. The table contains a different combinations of numbers displayed. At the top of the table there is a 8 ball sequence which is the top rewarded combination in the table where player can get 2000 with the highest bet amount. Below to the 8 number the other numbers arranged on either side. Even number balls are arranged on left side odd number balls are arranged on the right side. Striped balls are arranged at the top and solid balls are arranged below them. On the bottom of the table there are + and – symbols which are used to increase or decrease the bet amount. Just beside to this symbols there are other buttons including bet one, spin, bet max. Below the spin wheel there is a display about player credits and winning amount. Right side to it there is insert bet option also displayed.


    • 3 solid even numbers – 2
  • 3 solid odd numbers – 4
  • 3 striped even numbers – 5
  • 3 striped odd numbers – 10
  • 3 Two number balls – 30
  • 3 one number balls – 60
  • 3 four number balls – 40
  • 3 three number balls – 80
  • 3 six number balls – 50
  • 3 five number balls -100
  • 3 nine number balls – 60
  • 3 seven number balls – 120
  • 3 eleven number balls – 70
  • 3 ten number balls – 140
  • 3 thirteen number balls – 80
  • 3 twelve number balls – 160
  • 3 fourteen number balls – 200
  • 3 fifteen number balls – 100


 To win the game one has to understand about the solid balls and the striped balls. After knowing everything the player can place a bet and start a spin. The horizontal middle row combination is only considered as winning. The upper and lower horizontal rows are not considered as winning. After the spin, if the player gets any one of the combinations displayed on the board player will win that amount. If he won’t get any combination player will lose the game. The three eight ball combination is the highest one on the table and it is the rarest combination to get in the spin wheel. The 3 solid and 3 striped combinations are the lowest ones in the table.

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