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What’s with all the New Casino Sites?

It seems like online casinos have been around forever, but in fact, they were invented within most of our lifetimes. The first one popped up in 1994 and fast forward to 2018 we’ve seen a huge surge of them hitting our screens.

In just 24 years we’ve seen the number of casinos grow exponentially year on year (cue fancy exponential growth chart):

The question remains, what’s with all the new casino sites?

When you look at sites like www.uk-casinos.uk and see the sheer number of new casinos being added every day its difficult to understand what makes them so popular. In the UK specifically, there have been over 100 new casinos launched in the last two years alone. Multiple at that rate and before long there will be nothing but online casinos left to search for on the internet!

So why so many?

It seems like gambling, in any form is engrained in the human psyche. Whether its rolling the dice on a curbside, to cracking hitting some backgammon in the Bronx or embracing the glitz and glam of Las Vegas, there seems to be an opportunity to gamble everywhere.

Perhaps if you go back to the roots of human evolution we might find the key to why gambling seems so second nature. Would we have ever decided to hunt a big animal if we weren’t a little prone to a gamble? Sure its less risky to hunt rabbits, but imagine the effort, every day heading out on the hunt. Catch some big game, and your done, the whole village eats for a week!

Ultimately as human beings, we are risk takers, it’s in our DNA. So why so many casino sites? Simple really. There is a huge demand for it! We just cannot get enough of it. Even if we lose, we keep coming back. We just cannot help ourselves!