Now you Can Learn Poker Quickly and Easily without Leaving Home

At lunchtime, the lunch hour arrives; all his colleagues get together to go out and play poker. You are invited by one of your colleagues; you shake your head and reject the invitation, inventing a weak excuse, as if you were finishing the unfinished work. Because that’s because you cannot play poker! Do not let this happen to you. Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. Since poker was born in the United States more than two centuries ago, it has gained popularity at an incredible rate. It became even more powerful when it was invented and combined into a complete invention of computers and the Internet. Know that there are hundreds of views that will tell you everything you need to know about poker, from its origin to the different varieties of poker that exist today.

That’s right, but you already knew that, otherwise, you probably will not be reading this article about poker at this time.

 However, since you came across this article, let me tell you some varieties of poker, the basic rules and what deck of cards you need. At this age there are more than a dozen varieties of poker, especially if you play online. Some of the most popular varieties of poker are: Omaha Hold’em, Texas Hold’em, Five Card Stud, Joker Poker, Let It Ride and Bonus, Mad Pineapple Hold’em Hi, Vegas Double Action, Caribbean Stud Poker Pineapple Hold ‘ em Hi Poker, Pineapple Hold’em Hi-Lo Piña split and crazy Hold’em high-low division.

If you play situs judi, you do not have to worry about a deck of cards, because you will be dealt a deck of cards. If you decide to play with your colleague’s lunchtime trick, you will need an average deck of four suits fifty-two. Depending on the type of poker you decide to play, some cards can be added or discarded, when this happens, the values ​​of the cards tend to change. Although there are many variations in poker, most variations follow the same rules that were taken from the original poker game, stealing five cards. The goal of the five-card draw is to collect a better combination of five cards than your opponents. If you succeed in this task, you will win a poker game and you can visit site to learn more.


Keep in mind that you have a general idea of ​​poker; it would be a good idea to practice only before playing with another person. You can do it; Once again, play poker online, where you can play poker with people from all over the world or through a computer controlled program.

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