The Fun Facts About Playing Online Casino

Online Casinos have taken the world by storm. It is here to stay. Players are adding to the list every day. Physical casinos are migrating online as it is giving them more space when it comes to the games they can offer. Technology is one of the biggest help for why this industry is growing. Not to mention the bonuses in store for the players. The comfort it provides them and the variety of games to choose from. Indeed this is a hit and there is no stopping these casinos to grow. The satisfaction and excitement it gives to the players are remarkable. Online casinos can surpass the experience you have in land based casinos.

Here are some facts that you can take if you are planning to start playing online.

Fruit machines or to some slot machines

Why fruit machines? In the early days of slot machines. The prices are chewing gum. The symbols placed on the reels also have the image of fruits. Cherries, melons, and apples are the most common.

The first online casino

In the year 1994, the first online casino made its mark on the internet. Though in 1895 developers were already starting to make slots available. But the first online casino went live 100 years later.

According to statistics

Statistics show that online casino gamblers are aging from 30 to 40 years old. This age group is the one that most enjoys playing. Players below 18 will still need to wait before they can get their hands on these websites. For now, they can settle for other online games and video consoles.

Biggest win in slots jackpot

The record is a savage $21.7 million jackpot in one of the casinos operating online. The player’s bet is only 75 cents in this casino on September 28, 2018. Crazy right?

What is the ratio of players playing online slots?

Only 10% of punters choose to go on physical casinos while 90% of them choose to play online. Why not? You are playing with your pajamas on while winning. Sounds like fun to me.

We hope these few facts add to your thirst for playing your first online casino. Remember to choose that casino you will be playing before you place real money. There are a lot of casinos that offer a great deal when it comes to bunnies like fun88 มือถือ and w88. These tested to be giving great rewards to its players. So be sure to visit them. Also, make sure to set your limit. And don’t forget to enjoy it.

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