Straight Web Slots Gambling: A Boon Or Bane To Society?

Impact of Covid-19

As mentioned earlier, the pandemic has led to increased virtual gamblers. Covid-19 has affected all other businesses, except the gambling business, as it has shifted to an online platform. It is also said that physical gambling activity will return sooner or later. Still, the actual truth lies in the ever-growing traffic of online gambling will continue to increase due to the ease of operation.

Drawbacks of online gambling

  • Once a person indulges in สล็อตเว็บตรง gambling, he will always want to do it over and over again. This could lead to addiction to online gambling.
  • It can also play a vital role in breaking families because an online gambler will be so addicted to this activity that he will compromise on family time.
  • If a player loses his money on a bet, it may mentally affect him and cause anxiety. It may also lead to suicidal tendencies in the gambler’s mindand other criminal offenses like murder. Hence, one illegal activity (online gambling) will lead to many others.
  • Players running short of funds to gamble will resort to stealing.
  • Since massive amounts are being deposited in online casino accounts, online hackers gain the upper hand and hack these accounts.

To be or not to be

The debate over whether or not to entertain in the art of sports betting is hypothetical, just like any other. Humans make their own choices, and their choices define them as people. Although sports betting is banned in India, it is legal in many parts.

Though the ban does not kill it completely, it still thrives in many parts of the country through underlying connections of fugitives. Some practice it as a recreation; others have; others livelihood out of it. B or not people should be allowed to participate in the act must depend on their own decisions. But the government applies regulations for some reasons, favoring the citizens only. 


We can conclude that online gambling has more negative impacts than positive impacts on society. In the end, there is no clue to be or not to be, but the only fact is that betting of any sort provides people with satisfaction and thrill unlike any other. So, if practiced within a safe environment, only for recreational purposes, just like in some western countries, it is not as harmful as it is made to look.